Contents always up-to-date

With the SmartGuide technology, you can update the contents at any time and make them available to your visitors in real time. Works that have been moved, new resources, temporary exhibitions or new routes through the permanent collection are all available with just a few clicks and direct from the museum office.

Access to the contents in an easy, intuitive way

Designed for all types of visitors, without complicated menus and submenus. If the visitor wants information about a Work, he obtains it in a single click. The contents are presented in a didactic way that facilitates understanding by all visitors.

Much more than audio information

All the museum’s resources about its collection can be put on the visitors’ device following the storytelling developed for each museum: audio, videos, texts, images, 3-D, augmented reality, links, etc.

The SmatGuide Audioguide becomes your best management tool

Learn about the flow of visitors inside the museum or monument in real time, and change the usual flow to avoid bottlenecks or eliminate critical points.

Learn more about your visitors

In addition to surveys or opinion polls, you will be able to obtain interesting statistics on new parameters that until now were impossible to know with traditional Audio Guides, thanks to the exclusive SmartGuide technology, developed by MuseumMate

Devices that ease the job of museum services

The technology of SmartGuide audio guides has been developed to be used in museums and monuments all over the world. Both the professional battery charging system and the sturdiness and durability of its components ease the daily work of museum services staff.

All the information on your computer screen

From any computer connected to the Internet, you can comprehensively manage your audio guide service, with constant, real-time monitoring of service operations, statistical analysis, big data and control of flows.

Offer your visitors a professional imageof your services

With SmartGuide, your visitors will see that your museum or monument is at the forefront of innovation by offering them high-quality devices and contents.

A more satisfactory, innovative experience

Visitors will discover the contents of your museum in an accurate, fun and educational way, enabling them to better value them and thus yielding a higher degree of visitor satisfaction.