Introducing the new Audioguide Guidoo Video

The Guidoo Video Audioguide is the device that will allow you to offer its contents in Audio, Video, Images, Graphics format and of course in high quality audios.

A compact and comfortable design

Its design allows visitors to use it comfortably during the visit with a natural posture for the elbow

Ideal for the Service to function effectively

  • Its use does not require headphones:

    It allows a quick delivery to the visitor.

  • Very easy to clean:

    You can deliver it clean before each use.

  • Very simple operation:

    Explanations about its use are greatly reduced

Resistant and reliable

Made of high resistance materials break-proof, its design allows a comfortable grip by adults, children and over XNUMX.

High capacity batteries

5.400 Mhz battery capacity that will allow you to use the audio guide for several days without recharging the batteries.

Thanks to its modular charging station, it is not necessary to remove the batteries for recharging.

The Audioguide with more memory capacity

You can have in the same Audioguide of all languages, different routes and even different temporary exhibitions.

With just a few clicks you can select the type of content your visitor is requiring.


Contents always up-to-date

You can easily update the contents from any computer and in a few seconds.