Our customer.

The Principality of Andorra has selected, through an international tender, MuseumMate to provide the Audio Guide Service in all its Museums and Monuments.

The Principality of Andorra annually receives hundreds of thousands of visitors who enjoy its wide tourist and cultural offer. From the first moment, its wide museum and cultural offer is surprising through more than 15 cultural sites.

The challenge.

The Principality of Andorra has a large number of cultural sites made up of Museums, Monuments and Cultural Spaces. Each location has specific characteristics and different contents that require a unique approach for each of them.

Some of these locations require the Audio Guide to be synchronized with multimedia facilities. Audiovisuals, music, sounds and others. The scope of the project required to intervene in the following locations:

  • Rull House
  • Rossell Farga
  • Meritxell Sanctuary
  • Space Columba
  • Vall House
  • National Museum of l´automòbil
  • Pladonit, Postcard and Raser Era

The solution.

In order to respond to this project proposed by the Govern d´Andorra MuseumMate, it has assigned more than 700 Audioguide Guidoo Video devices and its Synchronization Audioguide.

Adhoc battery charging station modules have been built for each of the sites. Each module has been adapted to the space needs available at each location.

Thanks to Guidoo Video content will be offered to visitors in audio, video and image formats. With this variety of resources the important value of the exposed funds is valued.

MuseumMate has produced in collaboration with the Technicians of the Ministeri de Cultura del Govern, the content in six languages ​​with which to respond to visitors and ensure proper distribution.

In various locations, the contents have been synchronized with the different audiovisuals. A synchronization that will offer visitors an immersive experience thanks to the Audioguides offered by MuseumMate.