Our customer.

The Valencia Silk Exchange o Market of the Merchants wanted to offer Audioguides for its visitors. La Lonja is a masterpiece of Valencian civil Gothic located in the historic center of the city of Valencia (Spain).

Declared, in 1996, a World Heritage Site by Unesco, it is located in the Market Square of Valencia and constitutes one of the main tourist landmarks of the city that annually visits hundreds of thousands of visitors.

The challenge.

So far the Valencia Silk Exchange it had an Audioguide system without a screen that made it difficult for visitors to use. The lack of audio guides with a screen prevented visitors from knowing the number they were dialing.

Despite having hundreds of thousands of annual visitors, the use of Audioguides was very low. The managers of the Lonja de la Seda in Valencia opted for a company that would provide a more advanced and easy technological solution for visitors. An Audio guide with a professional screen that will improve the diffusion of this important Valencian Institution.

The solution.

The managers have chosen the Guidoo Video for this new stage by having a suitable screen. The Guidoo Video It allows to spread the Heritage of Museums and Monuments in a simple and accessible way.

The number of Audioguide devices assigned to the Service has been expanded and the management company has introduced important corrective measures in the operation of the Service. Thanks to these solutions, users have increased substantially from day one.

The Guidoo Video Audio Guide battery charging stations are modular. This versatility has allowed them to be adapted to the space available on the counter.

Now visitors can find out the number they dial for information. They also enjoy images, videos and other multimedia content on the LCD screen that incorporates the Guidoo Video Audio Guide.