In the year 2001 Casa Batlló was closed to the public and the property decided to open the House on the occasion of the Commemoration of the Gaudí Year.

To show this impressive work by Antoni Gaudí, we wanted to implement an Audioguide system that would allow showing the space as well as managing the flow of visitors.

Museummate solution

The MuseumMate matrix implemented an Audioguide system composed of more than 500 units that allowed to offer an Audioguide device to each of the visitors that acquired the Access entry.

Thanks to an elaborate production of contents, a controlled flow was established for the different rooms of the House. In certain critical points, the production managed that the visitors flowed between the stays saving the critical points.

The service included devices, charging stations adapted to the space available in the House, as well as the staff, up to a total of 15 people who daily attended the thousands of visitors who agreed to visit this unique space in the world .


Today, Casa Batlló is a unique benchmark in the Museum and Tourism circuit of the city of Barcelona and receives thousands of visitors every day, with a high level of satisfaction.

Staff: Own
Contents: Own production
Catalan, Spanish, English, French, German, Italian.


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