What is the SmartGuide Visitor Assistant and how does it change the Museum visit?

The SmartGuide Visit Assistant is the evolution of traditional Audio Guides

The contents and respect for the atmosphere in the galleries are at the heart of this innovation.

The possibility of offering content based on the habits of new visitors and the ability to update in real time, are the key elements that differentiate us from conventional audio guides.

But SmartGuide has a double purpose that visitors don’t perceive. It is an effective visitor management tool in the hands of the museum technicians and managers which provides them with important strategic information for the security and improvement of visits.

The SmartGuide Visitor Assistant is not just another Audio Guide

With SmartGuide, the museum has a powerful tool to manage visitors and can learn much more about their habits and even their profiles.

The Museum will be able to manage the flow of visitors through the rooms, manage social distancing and capacity limits.

You can avoid crowds and saturation of Rooms and all this without the visitor perceiving anything during the visit.

Do not waste the information that your visitor gives you

During the visit, your visitor provides you with important information that traditional audio guides do not collect.

With the SmartGuide Visit Assistant You will get BIG DATA Analytics thanks to Artificial Intelligence. Information that will allow you to better manage the distribution of content, conduct satisfaction surveys or promote your Museum.

Y all the information in just one click in your office.

SmartGuide™ Product Series

We want the SmartGuide Visit Assistant to adjust to the visit characteristics of your Museum, to the habits of its visitors and especially to its contents.

In our portfolio you will find different models: Smartguide Plus, SmartGuide NEO and SmartGuide KEY. Our project managers will suggest the model that best integrates with your environment and its contents.

NEW SmartGuide ™ Plus

The SmartGuide Plus Visitor Assistant is a very powerful device, Its battery has the largest capacity on the market, 6000 mAh that will provide more than three days of use No need for charging. Ideal for long-term visits and multiple uses throughout a day.

NEW SmartGuide ™ NEO

Small, easy to carry and with a big screen, which will provide your visitors an immersive experience thanks to its excellent sound quality. Professional battery charging system that facilitates the daily work of the Service.

NEW SmartGuide ™ NEO KEY

All the advantages of SmartGuide technology, including the PRT functionality, online content updates, flow control and big data, as well as a physical keyboard to make it easier for visitors to use.


SmartGuide allows visitors to enjoy browsing content in each Museum or Monument appropriate to the characteristics of each Museum.

It includes technologies such as geolocation, 3D, augmented reality, immersive and others that will surprise you when you meet them. We develop a unique project for your Museum facilitating the distribution of its contents in a pleasant, truthful and educational way


The benefits of SmartGuide™

Our priority is to improve the experience of visiting a Museum or Monument, adapting the diffusion of its contents to the new habits and needs of current visitors.

The benefits of the SmartGuide Visit Assistant speak for themselves: more accessible content, visitor management tool, more customer satisfaction.

Enjoying discovering the content allows a better evaluation of the visitors and consequently greater satisfaction and diffusion of the Collection.